LIFT 2015

Collaboration & Creativity

Need help downloading content?

  • To begin your download, choose the version you would like to download and click the appropriate link. Your browser may pop up a window asking you to where to save the file. Choose a location and remember where you chose - this is where you will be able to access your download later. If you cannot find your download, it may be in your "Downloads" folder or on your Desktop.
  • To play the enclosed content, download iTunes at Once iTunes is installed, open the files with iTunes by going to the File menu and then choosing "Add to Library" - You can also play the videos in QuickTime player (which is installed with iTunes) by opening QuickTime and then choosing "File" and then "Open" and then selecting the file you have downloaded.
  • Please use Windows Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Apple) to "unzip" the file. If you have problems unzipping the file, this website has instructions
  • Some videos are larger files and may take a while to download. Because you may only download an item once, please make sure that you have a reliable internet connection and have enough time to complete the download before you click "Download"